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Stay Safe Online: Beware of Foreign Support Scams

Sometimes the best security is an informed user. Support scammers are getting smarter, and it is important you remain vigilant when browsing online.Recently there have been a number of reported technical support scams surfacing. Users have been receiving fraudulent phone calls with claims of requiring immediate tech support. These hackers will most likely try to gain access to your computer by setting up an un-secure remote access session.

While browsing online, you may come across a similar website as shown here.  "Microsoft" is claiming to have detected a virus on your device, prompting to call the number on screen.

Remember if you see something like this DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER, OR CHAT WITH THEM!

Shut your computer off right away, and give a call to the certified professionals at Tech Center Pro.

These hackers are trained professionals, they will sound and act like Microsoft while posing a great danger to your security and privacy.

If you see this it is important to shut off your computer by pressing the power button for 10 seconds. This will reduce the risk of malicious software being installed.

Please beware to only allow remote access to a Tech Center Pro technician.  Your data privacy is of utmost importance to us and our remote support uses the maximum security available.

You will know a certified Tech Center Pro technician is connected, when you see the Green Status indicator, and Tech Center Pro show up as a participant in the bottom right of your screen.

Our Help Desk staff will always request permission before connecting to your computer.

It is also our policy to introduce ourselves once we connect, and explain what we will be doing when connected.

We also ask that you remain in front of your computer while the technician is connected.

At anytime if you feel uncomfortable with the technician taking control of your device, simply hit the x in the top right to end the session.

Customer privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we aim to keep you and your data secure.

Are you concerned about the privacy, security, and integrity of your businesses data?

Reach out to us today, to receive a FREE Security network and data security assessment!

Better understand your vulnerabilities, and choose Tech Center Pro to strengthen them.

Stay digital, Stay Safe!

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